For your convenience, use our installation guide below which includes all the necessary steps for your installations to be successful

1. Install Rail

  1. First level the track and mark the hole locations on the wall
  2. Then drill a ⅛” hole in each location
  3. Enlarge the holes with a ⅜” drill
  4. Install drywall anchors with the larger holes
  5. Pat them down with a mallet
  6. Insert wood screws in the small holes
  7. Then put the drywall anchor screws into the holes with anchors
  8. Finally, tighten the screws with your drill

2. Hang Uprights

  1. Use a level to ensure the standard is straight
  2. Mark the hole locations on the wall
  3. Drill a ⅜” hole at each marked location
  4. Tap in a drywall anchor into each hole and tap to secure them in place
  5. Remove the gray insert, discard it
  6. Add the gray spacer to each anchor
  7. Attach the standard with the drywall anchor screws

3. Hanging Rods and Stops

  1. First push the circular rod stop into one of the sides of the rod
  2. Twist the stop until tightened
  3. Place the rod clip into the bracket, push down to lock
  4. Place the rod into the rod clips and pull down until secure

4. Install Ventilated Shelves

  1. Insert two shelf brackets into the desired height on the standard on the wall
  2. Place the shelf over the brackets
  3. Insert rod clips on each bracket from inside to outside
  4. Secure the shelf by pressing downwards

5. Install Adjacent Shelf

  1. To install an adjacent shelf, simply share the same bracket and put the shelves side-by-side

6. Install Wooden Shelf

  1. If you are sharing a bracket with other shelves, insert the shelf locator INWARDS
  2. If you are NOT sharing a bracket with other shelves, insert the shelf locator OUTWARDS
  3. Then install the shelf on your brackets and press the shelf locator inside the bracket notches to secure it

7. Install Rigel Cube

  1. Make sure to insert two standards upright onto the wall in its desired places
  2. Ensure that there are hooks attached to the back of your RIGEL cube
  3. Then lift your cube to the desired height and insert the hooks on the cube into the indents in the standards on the wall
  4. Gently let go of the cube to test its security
  5. Lightly press down on the cube to confirm its stability